Welcome to the Chewtrition™ Revolution

“Chew your food and eat your fruits and veggies!”

chewables-brightThis timeless advice from moms everywhere is the inspiration behind Harvest Soul Chewable Juices and what we like to call “Chewtrition.” It’s the art and science of blending 100% natural and organic vegetables and fruits with nutritious, chewable bits of seeds, nuts, and berries, to create a gazillion flavor combinations guaranteeing that no two chews are the same.

Chewing is such an important stage of digestion—which has been overlooked a bit as more and more of us rely on “drinking” our daily nutrition. That’s why we blend our superfood veggie & fruit juices with so many satisfying, fiber- and protein-packed bits of chewables.

  • Chewing breaks down our foods, unlocking beneficial nutrients
  • Powerful enzymes are released that promote better nutrient absorption
  • We get filled up a bit faster, which helps with our caloric intake
  • Chewing takes more time, and is just more satisfying!

Welcome to the Chewtrition™ Revolution—indulge in the exciting array of flavors and textures, feeling more satisfied and satiated, all while making for a healthier you!

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