The “Anti-Pressed” Blended Juice

A while back we began experimenting with blending super nutrient-dense juices because we were frustrated with the high sugar, low fiber cold-pressed juice options on the shelf. We saw a lot of cold-pressed juices (everywhere) that sure were tasty, but not many that were actually healthy. Why? Because all the healthy nutrients were actually “juiced” away, leaving behind a lot of sugar, and little to no fiber. Although some looked healthy and “green”, they really weren’t!

And so we created Harvest Soul Organic: organic fruit & vegetable blends packed with natural fiber and no added flavors, concentrates or sweeteners. Truly farm-to-bottle! Every bottle is high in fiber, reaching up to 25% of the recommended daily allowance. Fiber is just plain

smart, and we Americans just don’t get enough. Fiber helps regulate blood sugar, it’s good for heart health, and helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

Our juices are like no others: super clean label, “drinkable” fruits and vegetables, deliciously satisfying as a snack, meal or drink.

We source only the finest organic and non-gmo ingredients, and carefully blend them to create a smooth, yet nutrient-dense, whole food beverage. Our juices all start with a vegetable first, unlike many other “green” juices, and are enhanced with leafy greens, sweet super fruits and vitamin-rich vegetables. We don’t even add water. Each bottle has over 3 servings of fruits & veggies from over 5 lbs of produce. They’re USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free and vegan.

All of us at Harvest Soul—like you—seek out healthy and delicious products for our families. This drives us to become a leader in creating high quality, always organic and never genetically modified foods and beverages. We have set quite high standards for all of us and our suppliers too, with only the best ingredients sourced, the latest food technology employed, and the best-in-the-business partnerships formed. We hope you enjoy our superfood blends of pure goodness.

Harvest Soul makes juices like no other,
delivering the nutrients your body craves, your mind needs, and your soul deserves!


The Mind

Understanding people know that the mind is an integral part of their body and soul. At Harvest Soul, we feel that it is absolutely necessary to properly feed the mind so that it becomes a clearer and more finely tuned filter bringing us closer to becoming who we really are, and the best we can be.

The Body

Healthy people make food choices that will positively impact their well being. At Harvest Soul, we strive to purify the body of toxins ingested daily through food and liquids, to break the addiction to those foods, and to energize the body with healthful alternatives that contribute to overall bodily health.

The Soul

Soulful people live the concept of universal service. They use their body and mind to give back with the intention that they will in turn benefit as a part of the whole. At Harvest Soul, we believe that is vital to not only feed our minds and bodies, but also to feed the individual and universal soul.

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