Harvest Soul Organic 4-day Juice Boost!

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Feed your body, mind and soul with 4 days of amazing organic
juices! Our 4-day organic Juice Boost is a smart way to begin
feeling healthy inside and out. Monday-Thursday only the good
stuff, then it’s on to the weekend! Or spread it out over 5 days,
ending Friday with a light dinner – your choice.



The Next Generation “Juice Cleanse”

The average juice cleanse is heavy on sugar, light on fiber and protein which our bodies need. They promote the idea of giving our digestive system a break, but experts agree that our digestive system is designed to keep on going, not take a rest. But it’s a good idea to give up unhealthy habits and eat only the good stuff for a few days, and reap the healthy and glowing benefits.

Our Juice Boost features our Blended Juices and Chewable Juices (blends of fruits & veggies, mixed with nuts, seeds and berries) to give you a delicious and satisfying way to boost your health. Our Chewable Juices also encourage chewing, which is the most important stage of digestion. And because our juices have fiber and protein mixed in with the natural sugars, you won’t feel the “highs” and “lows” that often come with other cleanses.

So Prepare to Feel Amazing!

e-36 fadeGetting Ready for Your Juice Boost

A few days before you begin your Juice Boost, get your body and mind in gear. Start eliminating red meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and overly processed foods. Keep up with a light exercising schedule. Begin each day with water and raw apple cider vinegar and drink about 8 cups of water throughout the day. Herbal tea is also a nice daily addition. Keep up the water and tea habit throughout your Boost as well. Plan on getting 8 hours of sleep every night too.

After Your Harvest Soul Juice Boost Has Arrived!

Congrats! Time to enjoy your delicious and satisfying Juice Boost. Plan to drink 6 Harvest Soul Organic Juices a day, about every few hours. We’ve chosen the juices and flavors to help you thrive throughout the day; 3 Chewable Juices and 3 Blended Juices per day.

Post-Juice Boost

Ease back into your regular diet, keeping meals light. Or eliminate some of those troubling foods altogether! Keep your exercise routine going and drink plenty of cleansing water throughout the day. Enjoy the new-found you!

4-Day Harvest Soul Juice Boost Suggested Schedule



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