Goodness Grocery in Smyrna, GA Stocks Harvest Soul!

We’re excited to be on shelf in Goodness Grocery in Smyrna, GA! What a nice local natural foods store. It has a great neighborhood feel and Su makes her customers feel at home. You can stop by and get a nice salad bar and grab a Harvest Soul Organic Juice — that’s a healthy way to spend a summer day.  Since our juGoodnessGroceryPic7-15-16ices are blended, not pressed, you get all that healthy fiber so you won’t feel those crazy sugar spikes. And our Chewable juice line has protein from the nuts and seeds, so it’s almost like a mini meal.

I know summer is hot here in GA, and we seem to always on the move. That’s why eating healthy and light is the way to go. Turkey roll-ups, cheese/crackers, Harvest Soul, carrots & hummus, spinach salad–that sounds like a yummy day to me! Good eating!

Goodness Grocery is off of I-285 on Atlanta Road in Smyrna, GA. 



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